Oatleigh Care Home

The principle of this new residential and nursing home adjacent to Oatlands is that it includes

care for service users and facilities for the wider community involved with our establishment. 


The home is designed with a London theme. The ground floor which is mainly a service area is called Angel – this consists of a cinema, family room, bistro, coffee bar and shop. Adjoining Angel we have a sensory garden with features such as musical instruments, water feature, sculpture, raised garden and seating areas. Bedrooms are on the first, second, third and fourth floors, named Bond Street, Covent Garden, Downing Street and Edwardes Square, each with a manager and team providing care to

12-15 service users. One unit provides service specifically to early dementia sufferers.


All the floors are designed for elderly service users, including dementia sufferers and incorporate,

for example, historical photographs, and artwork. Each floor is colour-coded to aid easy recognition

and orientation. We have in particular made great use of visual stimuli to assist service users in

making their way about.